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Technical Supports

Lead Acid Battery Charging Curve

Source:REIGNPOWER Release Date:2013-12-01

Charging Curve for Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Charging Curve for Micro Battery Charger (Dry Battery)

Charging Curve for Micro Battery Charger (Wet Battery)

  1. Max. Boost charge time ≧ 12 Hrs, jump to section D.

  2. Charge current ≦ 0A, relay open, then jump to section D.

  3. Max. Float charge time ≧ 40 min. Then relay open.

  4. If battery voltage drop 2.1V per cell, then recharge.

  5. If deep discharge over 30 min., then relay open and red LED ON.

  6. Section A, B, C P.W.M control.

If charge current become 0 in any section, jump to section E.

Red LED indicator
*1 No battery --> Red flash (2Hz)
*2 OTP/OVP --> Red ON
20% inaccuracy for all statistical of time.